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Today's Hot Water Heaters are expected to be highly reliable systems that quietly supply our homes and businesses with a sufficient supply of hot water, safely and efficiently. In general, that is exactly what they do, and it may seem that the simple, relatively inexpensive, hot water heater / storage tank that most Americans currently use would be difficult to improve upon - but big changes are taking place...
2 Types Of Hot Water Heaters

There are many different brands of hot water heaters currently available on the market. Some are gas-fired (Natural gas and/or Liquid Propane - LP), some are electrically heated, and some are oil-fired. Some are even 'indirectly-heated', using heat from a boiler system or other large heat source.

1. Conventional Hot Water Heater / Storage Tanks

Conventional Storage Hot Water Heaters are currently the most commonly used hot water heaters in most N. American homes and businesses. The conventional hot water heater / storage tank is a complete water heating and storage system that holds a reservoir of hot water at a pre-set temperature in an insulated storage tank.

When you turn on a hot water faucet, hot water flows from the storage tank which is then replenished with cold water. The water heater (gas-fired or electric heating element) is then triggered by a thermostat, and after a 'recovery time' the entire hot water reservoir is re-heated to its pre-set operating temperature.


2. Tankless Hot Water Heaters ('On-Demand' or 'Instant' Hot Water Heaters)

2. Tankless Water Heaters ('On-Demand' or 'Instant' Water Heaters) are widely used outside of N. America, and (as global energy costs rise and Americans become more environmentally aware) are now rapidly penetrating the American marketplace.

Just like conventional storage tank water heaters, 'Central' tankless water heating systems can provide sufficient hot water for an entire residence, but they usually do not provide truly 'instant' hot water at the faucet, since cool water in the pipe between the heater and faucet has to be run off first.



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